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Not large enough even to warrant a mention in the Domesday book of 1086, Liverpool appears to have sprung to life when King John granted it a Royal Charter in 1207. John needed to establish a port in northwest England from which he could quickly dispatch men and supplies across the sea to reinforce his interests in Ireland. As well as port, a weekly market was also started which of course attracted folk from all over the area to Liverpool.

Here is a drone flight over the city and Georgian quarter.

One of the water front

Liverpool is a shipping post but in the past was much bigger port.

Many of the old buildings are now apartments and shopping areas, the former derelict Albert dock was one of the first buildings to be refurbished and has shops and restaurants on the ground floor, offices and apartments above.


Liverpool has a good few many are free!

The Maritime is located at the Albert Dock its not all about Shipping, it has so many more things to see, it has sections on Emigration as thousands of people sailed to America via Liverpool. The Slavery section is also excellent. It has sections about Ship Building, Art, The Titanic and Customs.

Liverpool Museum is also on the water front and is about life in and around Liverpool.


Parks Sefton Park in Liverpool is arguably the best known and most loved by locals. Classified as a Grade One listed park by English Heritage, the magnificent 235 acre Park looks like a natural landscape rather than a man-made park.

The Palm House at Sefton Park

The Ferry

You all know the song, it’s a great way to see the city from the river they have lots of deals and special events.

Filmed in Liverpool

Many Films and TV shows have been filmed in Liverpool, Remember Brookside? It was a purpose built housing estate near West Derby.

Some of the Films filmed in Liverpool

Peaky Blinders.

Mrs Biggs

The Tolkien story

Letter to Brezhnev

Harry Potter

Fast and Furious

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