Route 8 Liverpool combining the shopping and a walk

We do a fair bit of travelling but we are starting to explore more on our door step to fit in more stuff in the limited free time we all have.

Mersey retail park and Hale Light house

The retail park has all the usual stuff, you do get the odd funny look trotting around M&S in your muddy walking stuff but who cares.

The walk

Now you would never think this lovely little village is a short drive from all the hustle and bustle of the retail park and air port. Its 10 minutes or 4 miles.

It has a very nice park post code L24 4EA

Two pubs a few shops and tea room.

We park in the village and walk to the light house

You are overlooking the Mersey Estuary, details of the local wild life can be found here.

One think the kids find interesting is you will see a lot of planes coming and going from the Airport, you can done load an app so you can see what they are and what route they have taken.