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Barmouth sunset Image kindly supplied by https://www.origins-photography.co.uk/

We are a family with a Dandie Dinmont Terrier from the North West of England. We try to keep busy no matter what the weather. After lots of people asking about places we have been or are planning to go to we decided to put some of our trips and days out on to a web site. If you know of any places or events we haven’t been to and should see let us know.

We feel when travelling to a destination its all too easy to get caught up in the destination and not pay attention to the places you travel past with out stopping to look, so we developed these routes to show a final destination but with places on the way, some places can be better than the destination.

We often overlook what’s on our doorstep too, we try to root out the unusual and good value places and events. Even with the help of the internet many events just don’t appear online in the popular places so we easily miss them, look in the calendar for each month and see what you fancy.

All too often we put off a trip due to weather, many times we have left home in the rain but its been sunny on the journey, it’s better to still go make the most of every day just Don’t Hibernate.

Oh and take the dog many places are dog friendly just ask.

Any questions? info@donthibernate.co.uk

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