1. Hoping to update our travels we have planned for March 2019

    1. Finally added last years Scotland trip, it was fantastic and good value. I will have to get on with the others

  2. Just a test .

  3. Route 1 is now updated, got some nice images and excellent drone videos. Just trying to decide should I put things to do in the destination on the same page or a different one?

  4. Just updated a few more pages and broke the Menu? Looks to be working again

  5. Started a Liverpool page but there is so much to do it will need to be separate pages I think.

  6. Just has]d a very busy Easter weekend so will try and write it all up this week, found some excellent new places

  7. New Waterfalls page added

  8. Events page updated

  9. Another route added and a few places updated, currently working on the 2020 events calendar.

  10. Just added another route number 7 a bit more local to home, ideal after too many Sprouts at Christmas.

  11. Should be adding a few Lake District routs this week

  12. Just been to Castle Number 22. Castell Dinas Brân its near Llangollen, looks some more photos and updated the Castles page. Its one of the best views we have seen in the UK, very muddy slippery path to the top but only a 20 minute walk so well worth it

  13. Route 8 added a nice short local one

  14. Route 9 the first Lake District route added

  15. Route 10 added, slowly clearing the backlog, let me know if you see any mistakes!

  16. 2020 Calendar updated

  17. Making a start on paces we have ben outside the UK, just having trouble with the Menu structures!

  18. Menu is better but still struggling

  19. Yes we are still here.
    Done more spell checking and added a weekend in Cyprus trip, the Menu should now work!

  20. Just added a weekend in Shropshire, best go and spell check it

  21. We are back after a bit of time off I have updated the Calendar and will make a start on the rest of the site as we have plenty more to add.
    Still struggling with the Menu’s and its not good on a phone but we will keep at it

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